Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5-Feb-2009 Thursday Report and inter school vs. KGV

Nearly all the team members came.
Oscar, Tommy, Barry, Tony, Ivan, Aaron, Micheal, Jason, Nicholas.

Louvre called me he was injuried.

Today, we focused on doubles.
We tried different pairing.

Barry and Tony were great pair.
Oscar paired with Ivan, but it seemed not really good.
Ivan didn't know how to play doubles and his serve was really weak.

Tommy seemed to overcome his psychological problem, feeling better in serve and in the games.

In terms of our young boys, Aaron and Micheal dedicated to his game but still not mature.

Here comes to the report of vs. KGV.

Barry with Tony
Tommy with Oscar
Long long with Nicholas

KGV played too good even they were not the full team. Many of their players have good forms, great serve and of course, consistent strokes.

Barry and Tony seemed to be the best team, as they tried hard and played many tied games. Tony's returning was so good, while Barry got a great serve.
Tommy overcame his own problem and played well, assisting Oscar to goal.
Long Long and Nicholas were in the far court, they dedicated and played okay.

Though we lost 0:5 at the end, Ernest, Joseph and I were all pleased that the boys did a great job. Then, we went back to wahyan and have fun in both tennis court and football field.

We will have our next match on the 14th Feb at Victoria Park, 11:00am.

Friday, January 30, 2009

29-Jan-2009 Thursday Report

Kung Hay Fat Choy.

Ivan, Aaron, Louvre and Tommy.
Oscar and Nicholas went to Thailand.

The four enthusiastic boys were great today.

Today, we focused on the Approach shot, short ball and the net play.
Boys did well in the first few drills, like the shot ball, approach shot.
I thought those drills are interesting and boys did a great job.

Tommy's approach shot was great and of course he got the great volleys in four of them.
Louvre tried his best, he made the short ball well, but the room of improvement on his volleys and especially the overhead is still large.
Aaron did it well and I found that he's one of the consistent player.
Ivan was okay, but he's still playing on his own style. What he plays is something he wants to do, you can see his form, I feel he is a bit stuborn. I bet, instead of me, Ernest must have tell him to do better on his form and the strokes.

Running forehand.
boys did not know that....
What you have to do: run, run, run, set your feet with an open stance, hit the ball.
Only Tommy did the great job.
Aaron improved a lot, but he needs more practice.
Louvre tried his best, which is okay.
Ivan was still playing on his own style, pushing the ball instead of hitting it...

It was unexpected all of them did well in practicing serve.

Louvre and Tommy played against Ivan and Aaron.

At the first four game, neither of them hold their service game. They did well on practicing serve, but when it comes to real game, they sucks...


However, Aaron was the first who hold the game.
All of them had doubles fault, but Louvre got the least number.
I bet, they are not good at their mental way instead of their form.

It was a close match.
6-4 at the end to Ivan and Aaron.

Next, singles.
Tommy vs. Louvre.
Aaron vs. Ivan.

Good game to all.

All in all, good practice today. They did well.
We will have more match play next week, as they will play against KG5 next Sat.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

22-Jan-2009 (Thursday Report)

Oscar, Tommy, Louvre, Jason, Ivan, Michael.

Many kids today.
We first warmed up.
Then, a little drill about the groundstrokes.

Next, we play the "ups and downs".
We set different rule like "volley worths three points" and " serve-and-volley".
Many of them did a great job.
Long time no see Louvre, he got a great forehand.
Michael, our great F1 boy, although he's strokes are not mature, he tried his best and I like his backhand.
Ivan sometimes hit a forehand with a "open" racket face which is too "flat".

Running Forehand.
We tried the running forehand today, many of them don't know how to hit a great shot and did badly.
What you have to do is to run and then step your right foot, set your feet and hit that shot with an open stance.
I bet, only few of them did a great job afterwards like Tommy, Oscar and Michael.

Chasing the ball in two courts.
This is one of my favourite drills.
Boys did a great job, but some of them still not get use of hitting a bounce smash.
They have to practice more on the "bounce-smash".

Service and Returning.
I found that Michael was great when returning.
Tommy's serve improved a lot as he tossed the ball correctly.
Ivan has to toss the ball higher in case he could reach up and hit the ball at the higest position.

Last, Doubles and Singles.
Tommy played against Ivan.
I paired with Lovure and play the two young kids (Oscar and Michael)

Louvre was not really concentrate on the game, he was not really even the opponent served.
Ivan should improve on his returning.
Michael have to work on his net game, he is a bit nervous and afraid on standing at the front. He still has a little bit back swing and wrong contact point.

Good practice today.

We have training on next Thursday morning: 29-Jan, 10am
Old boys are also welcomed.

Happy Lunar New Year!

15-Jan-2009 Thursday Report

My training switched to Thursday.

Oscar, Ivan, Tommy, Nicholas, Aaron.

We first had the groundstrokes, like the deep forehand and backhand.
Net games.
2 vs. 1.

What we did are similar to last week.
Boys tried their best.

Nicholas and Tommy played a set.
I found that Tommy and Nicholas improved a lot, especially on their groundstrokes and the serve.
What they have to be focus is something insidie their mind, I mean their mental mind.

Long time no see Oscar, his stroke is quite mature but have to be consistent.

This is a brief report.
Hope to see the improvement of the boys next week.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

6-Jan-2009 Tuesday Report

Happy new years, everyone.

We started our first training today.
Ivan, Tommy and a F1 boy called Micheal.

It was so great that we had new blood.
Welcome, Micheal, who has the great single-hand backhand.

Tommy and Ivan took part in every single training except they were sick or absent in school. I appreacited the two young kids.

1. Spanish drill.
Deep forehand, short backhand, deep backhand and short forehand.
The two deep shots aim to hit a defensive one that's high and deep.
The same drill was did yesterday in talenT Group.
Compared with our kids, our footworks are bad and their shots are poor quality.
I'm not blaming for Ivan nor Tommy. They have to be focused on the footworks and some more about the tactics and techniqes.

Tommy always ran to the net after the short forehand shot, he hit that one like an approach shot. Micheal did well, his forehand and backhand are great. Ivan moved the fastest, indeed.

2. twenty balls drills
Boys have to ran for twenty balls.
Tommy was weak in fitness and didn't try hard.
Micheal and Ivan were good as they hit good shots.

3. 1 vs. 2 game.
One played against two in full courts.
If the one by his own beat the two, the two boys have to run laps.
Only Ivan won the challenged by his own!

4. Volleys.
Unfortunately, Micheal's net game including volleys and smash have to work more! His form was not good, including the contact point, swing, backswing...

5. Doubles drills
All did well

6. Service

7. Doubles
Barry with Ivan played against Micheal and Tommy.

Great training today.
We will have training on next thursday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Summary of Dec and 2008

We had regular training on 22th and 29th after the x'mas exam.
However, only Tommy, Jason and Ivan came.

A more concentrated training on both groundstrokes and the service.
They do have a great forehand, but it seems that one major error is the backhand. Many of them don't know how to slice, while their two-hands "power shot" are not that consistent.

Surprisingly, Tommy and Ivan got an awful service: inconsistent and powerless.
Ivan has to work hard on more power and one major tip is to hit the ball with straight arm and of course at the higest position.
Tommy, of course had tried really hard in ever aspects, but the room of improvement is still large. I recalled that when Sam and I first saw Tommy, his serve was incredible and threatening! How comes that he's now a "8-fault-in-one-game" player!

I hope to arrange more match play with the kids.
One more thing, I found that the number of participating in training drops a bit. I'm not sure wheather some of them have to study or other reasons, but I hope they can commit more on the team if you have promised to play and represent as a school team member.

Sorry for being late to upload the photos and video of the match on 3rd DEC, WYK VS. GSIS.


Friday, December 5, 2008

November and Early December Report

We had training on 18th Nov, 25th Nov and 2nd Dec.

Not too many boys joined these few sessions, I bet many of them started focusing on their examination.

Tommy tried best but it seems to me that he lacks confidence and consistency. I appreciated Tommy he joined all my training sessions including the one in early December. I pray for him, I know he tried best and improved a lot.

We lost to GSIS in a very closed match, for detail information, you can refer to Raymond Ho's email.
Here are some photos....