Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday Report ( 8-Nov-2007)

Arrived the court at about 3pm, no one were in the courts but I saw two boys wearing PE clothes were playing in the court. I bet that they were F2 only...
We are so pleased that the old boys and wahyan did many effort to raise the interest of tennis in wahyan students, especially the lower form students.

We had already did a good job!

Many boys came for the training: because they will have to play against the French International school, the most threatening team in our group.
Barry and Boris came for fifteen minutes, while Oscar, Tommy, Brian, Chris, Nicholas and one more new face --- Justin joined for the whole session of the training.

I'm so sorry of my voice today.
I couldn't speak too loud and I couldn't shout at all.

We focused on some very basic strokes like backhand, forehand, net games.
We then served. I found that Oscar and Tommy had improved their serves.
Oscar had more powerful serve, while Tommy had a bit more consistent serve.

Oscar, Tommy, Brian and Nicholas had a double.
I worked with Chris.
I asked him which strokes he wanted to improve or to be worked on. He simply told me that his backhand should have been concentrated more. I found that he cannot hit a backhand cross-court as his steps his right feet to the very left, which makes him couldn't turn his shoulder and hit a widen angle of cross-court. One more thing, his arms were too straight when hitting the two hands backhand.

Lastly, Chris and me played a double with Tommy and Oscar till we can't see the ball in the dark.

All in all, a good training today.
But if my throat gets better, I should have taught some more drills for them.

Work hard and have luck on Saturday!
I'm sorry I wouldn't come to support, but I would call you at the end of the match.

Pray for the wahyan boys.
Boys, go to bed early on Friday night!!