Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wednesday Report (24-Oct-2007)

I made an arrangement this week, we had Wednesday lesson.
I'm so sorry that I upload this entry so late, as there were so many projects and assignments.

Oscar, Louvre, Calvin, Ivan, Kenny and Jeffrey.
Joseph, this is my first time to see Jeffrey playing tennis in the court!

Although we don't have so many boys, we can have a smaller class size.
We had some warm-up.

Some basic strokes like forehand and backhand.
Louvre hit the target with his powerful backhand.
After some set of training, we aimed to hit the balls deeply.

A fun game: 3 vs. 3.
The score was close. Boys did a good job, they all enjoyed the game.

Today, we focus on the net game: volleys and overhead.
Boys didn't know how to hit an overhead. The beginner like Jeffrey didn't know what's an overhead is. Oscar tried his best and he had a quite powerful smash. In terms of the volleys, I can see they have the room of improvement.

We had the 2 to 1 match.
This drill is very effective and meaningful for our boys.
Louvre, Calvin and Oscar in the same group, while the rest are in another group.
The two vs. one game is quite challenge. You know, the two should totally beat the one person. What you have to do is only return all the balls back to the court, you don't have to hit a winner shot or some powerful killer shots. However, boys didn't know this!!

At first, they did bad. The two couldn't beat the one.
I told them what they should do! At the end, it became better.

Hitting a consistent shot is very important, not only in the Inter-school competition, but also every match. I hope the boys can know the fact that a powerful killer shot or their risk shots are not enough to win a point. What we should do is to be consistent!!

A nice day.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our match began!

Today, we had our first inter-school match.
Raymond, Joseph, Charles, thank you so much for coming and supporting the team.

The team members showed up the court at about 8:15. Ernest led a warm-up.
We had our wonderful match with St. Louis. We beated them! Score 8.5:0.5.

Could any of our players write something here? write some feeling?

Something I want to share...
I helped one of coach at Causeway Bay at night, a junior advanced course (HKTA Tennis-for-all course). I saw two of the St. Louis boys in the course (the tallest one and his doubles' partner). I talked with them, they told me that our team is quite strong. The boy praised our wah yan federer was absolutely tough.

One more important thing, when our team standed next to the court, showing some supports to our team members, they felt pressure. The team spirit and support is crucial, this is more important in our next tough matches like French Intel' or other strong team Ying Wa. Showing support for our team member not only can support our players, but also "fear" our opponent team!

We did a good job today.
Keep it on!

* Kei To withdraw =]
I saw another match at the Gap at afternoon, West Island vs. Ying Wa, they are both tough and I wanna to know who win the match.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Practice Report (11-Oct-2007)

Wow, the inter-school competition is coming!
Boys would have the their first match on next Saturday!

Today, we had only 7 boys...
I'm quite sad as all school team boys came on Tuesday, Ernest class....
We had Tommy, Oscar, Brian, Jordan, Aaron, Kenny and Ivan.

Probably, the boys who join my training are intermediate level..
I do hope that they would have more improvement here..

I hit some shots with all the boys before 4pm.
Oscar has a powerful forehand, Tommy has a good backhand.
The young kids Ivan and Aaron also liked rallying with me.

We started the drill by the service boxes game.
Starting form the net and hit only in the boxes, the drill is to let the boys to run more.
Later, we also did some volley-volley drill.

Of course, today we had the volley to baseline drills.
All of the boys didn't have a good net game tactics, they seldom moved to the net. Some even never stay at the net when they're in the match.

Some mistakes they made:
later hit, backswing, too much swing, racquet face open....etc.

One more practice is the backhand slice shot.
This drill is for Brian at first, as Louvre told me yesterday Brian did't know how to hit a slice backhand..
We focused on some slice shots and then volleys.

I found that their slice are awful, of course the volley and overhead..

Lastly, we had one double.
Tommy and Oscar vs. Jordan and Brian.

For the first set, Oscar's team won, 6-2.
For the second set, Jordan's team led 3-1.

They performance were okay, but service were terrible.
I didn't tell them to warm-up their service, letting them to know that warming up the service is absolutely important. Once again, they seldom called the score before serving.

On last thing, the attitude in the tennis court.
Tennis is a game for gentlemen.
When we pass the ball to our opponent, please let it bounces once in front of the player. Passing the ball to your opponent should be polite. Others can easily know how wahyan students are in this little things, such as passing the ball, talking or just calling the score.

Tennis skill is important, but what I think more crucial for our boys is to teach them how to behave well in the tennis court.
Actually, I found that no more boys being late on Thursday.

You all have a great improvement, but I hope you can be more consistent in the doubles.
Practice more, boys!

I'm not free on next Thursday, I decided to have the training on the 19-Oct-2007(friday), 9-11am. So, anyone would like to join?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday Practice Report (4-Oct-2007)

We had Tommy, Oscar, Brian, Ivan, Kenny and two F4 boys.

Today, we focused on some basic strokes, as the inter school is coming, I knew. We had some basic forehand and backhand down the line. I found that most of the boys' volleys are awful.

So, we focused on volleys next.
Some of the boys cannot withstand the powerful groundstrokes. There were some mistakes they made: late hit, racket face opend, lazy footwork... As all of you would know and sure that, we taught these all many many times. Tommy and Brian always hit the ball late at the net, so their volleys are always powerles...

Oscar did better in the game, but these three boys have to work hard more! I'm really worrying for the Inter-school, I'm afraid the French Intel' would not be too weak this year.

So, let's talk about the beginners.
The two F4 boys were great.
They are hardworking and willing to learn, they asked many questions today. I appreciated their heart on tennis.

Lastly, we had the king of the court, doubles.

I'm sorry, this entry is a bit short.
I'm a bit sick in this week.....