Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5-Feb-2009 Thursday Report and inter school vs. KGV

Nearly all the team members came.
Oscar, Tommy, Barry, Tony, Ivan, Aaron, Micheal, Jason, Nicholas.

Louvre called me he was injuried.

Today, we focused on doubles.
We tried different pairing.

Barry and Tony were great pair.
Oscar paired with Ivan, but it seemed not really good.
Ivan didn't know how to play doubles and his serve was really weak.

Tommy seemed to overcome his psychological problem, feeling better in serve and in the games.

In terms of our young boys, Aaron and Micheal dedicated to his game but still not mature.

Here comes to the report of vs. KGV.

Barry with Tony
Tommy with Oscar
Long long with Nicholas

KGV played too good even they were not the full team. Many of their players have good forms, great serve and of course, consistent strokes.

Barry and Tony seemed to be the best team, as they tried hard and played many tied games. Tony's returning was so good, while Barry got a great serve.
Tommy overcame his own problem and played well, assisting Oscar to goal.
Long Long and Nicholas were in the far court, they dedicated and played okay.

Though we lost 0:5 at the end, Ernest, Joseph and I were all pleased that the boys did a great job. Then, we went back to wahyan and have fun in both tennis court and football field.

We will have our next match on the 14th Feb at Victoria Park, 11:00am.