Sunday, September 28, 2008

16-Sept-2008 Tuesday Report

Sorry for uploading the entry too late.

Tommy, Oscar, Barry, Jason, Nicholas, Ivan, Aaron.
Boys had their first big league match tonight.
Although they were beaten, they did well.
For more detail of the match, please refer Raymond's email.

We first did a couple of warm up.
Then, the doubles tactic drill.

Boys enjoyed the drill and did well.
They tried hard and were consistent. ( becoz I told them to do a lap if they miss the first shot)

The drill is similar to the real doubles.
They tried to hit against two net players.

At about 5:15pm, some went for the big league with Ernest.

Tommy, Ivan and Aaron started practicing their volley, which is the worst of all their strokes.
Tommy tried hard.
Ivan must have get the ball early at the front next time.
Aaron seems not really ready for the net.

Lastly, we had a "king of court" single.
It is surprising that Ivan was always be the king...
Without doubt, he is one of the consistent boys in our team!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9-Sept-2008 (Tuesday Report)

Tommy, Oscar, Barry, Nicholas, Jason, Aaron and Ivan.

Some formal warm up.

We first had a basic baseline drills.
Boys did well in this drill, especially when hitting the wide forehand.
Ivan did the drill excellent, too.

Next, we got the four balls drill.
Approach forehand, volley, running back backhand and volley.
Some don't know how to hit approach, while some hit a bounce smash like Aaron.
I know Aaron had tried his best in every drill, but he had to tried much harder.

Approach shot game.

At last, we had doubles.
I paired up with Oscar.

Firstly, we played against Aaron and Ivan.
The young kids played well.
But one thing I'm not pleased is that Ivan and Aaron were still afraid to be a net game player.
In the game, they were all standing at the baseline...
I've told them many and many times...
I hope they will try to be the net game players next time.

Nicholas and Jason seemed not really "fit" today...
Nic had to tried harder in serving.
Jason got the powerful forehand.
Barry seemed to be the most consistent player in our team, his strokes are very mature.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

2-Sept-2008 Tuesday Report

New start.

Barry, Oscar, Ivan, Tommy, Jason, Nicholas and Aaron.

Warm up with service box.
Some ball control exercise.

The ladder.
Aaron did a great job in ball control.
Jason tried his best, but it seems to me that he could do much better.

Approach shot drill.
Boys did really bad in the approach shots, especially the young kids like Aaron and Ivan.
Barry got the powerful approach shot, while Tommy was inconsistent...

Fun game: 3 vs. 4.
All of them did it well.



We only can have one more smash and returning drill.
Tommy was bad at overhead...
Ivan was great, returning every shots back to the court.

one more fun game and then we ended the lesson because of the wet court.

Good day and all of them play so good.
I'm looking forward to seeing the improvement next Tuesday.

29-Aug-2008 (Friday Practice)

I'm sorry for uploading the entry too late.

We had the practice today before the friendly match of Poly U.

Tommy, Nicholas, Aaron, Ivan and Louvre.

We had the very normal warm up and them some more basic drills.
Forehand and Backhand baseline.

Double tactic practice again.
Boys did well.

We didn't do much concentrated drills as they have matches tonight.
Sorry for the poor content as I forgot some...

I would like to express some of my feeling of the friendly match.
As Kane and Joseph will agree with me, our boys did a great job.
The Poly U team players all agreed that our players are very good and tough players, especially Tony Chow in both single and doubles.
Oscar and Long Long were good pairs
Sam felt that Barry improved a lot and played like Federer.
All in all, I bet wahyan had beat Poly U.

However, there are some improvement of our boys.
Ernest and I agree that the attitude of some kids were not good, perhaps really bad attitude while they are leading the game.
Learning tennis is not only the drill and the tactics, but also the attitude and how you behave. In wahyan and perhaps in the tennis team, we are here to learn how to be an all-around boy in any aspects.