Wednesday, November 19, 2008

18-Nov-2008 Tuesday Report

I'm sorry for my laziness to upload the entries.
We do had training on 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th October and 4th, 11th November.
I was just too busy, sorry.

Boys tried hard in practice and they have regular training of every weeks.
It seemed to me that they had tried the best but the victory still not yet come in both winter league and small league.

Tommy now had a consistent groundstrokes, but unfortunately his serve was awful sometimes... Oscar complained on me that Tommy had a consequent 3 double fault a game.

Oscar was great again, he's always our new star!
He's now more powerful and consistent.

Ivan tried hard and he won some single matches.
I feel his improvement but what he had to do is not the tactics, he should have work on some power or basically the form.

Barry seemed busy. He seldom comes on Tuesday.
However, he played maturely and could lead the team!
He had the powerful groundstrokes which terrify us.

Nicholas was great,too.
He tried his best, unexpected, he's doubles game was good. Started from November, he stopped tennis as he has to focus on the HKCEE.

I hope HILLTOP would have the first victory in next match.
Work Hard, boys.

Many thanks to Ernest and all the old boys, providing all the goods thing to them, like the chance of playing outside wahyan. I think, I might join HILLTOP and the small league next season...

Raymond and Joseph, I have an idea, could we organize a " christmas Cup" in the x'mas holiday, including old boys and the kids. So that, we could have a very formal and seriuos tournament for the old boys and kids, what do you think?