Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monday Practice Report (27-Aug-2007)

First, sorry for being so late to report the Monday practice.

Six boys: Tommy, Calvin, Nicholas, Chris, Brian, Jordan.

The day after the exciting match.
I decided to have some relaxing drills, some games.

We dried the court and have some warm-ups.
Hitting few basket of forehand and backhands.

In the easy forehand shots, I found that boys were consistent. They hit many good shots. After some easy shots training, we focus on the volley and the groundstrokes, Chris's net game was improved. Thanks Simon for hitting the powerful stroke to him last Sunday. Their net game were okay, just say Tommy and Brian, their footwork improved. Another pairing like Calvin and Nicholas, though their net game is not the best, they tried their best and worked very hard. Lastly, Jordan... I doubted that he has the laziest footwork among all the boys!

So, we had some games today!
Game is fun. Boys can feel relax and be happy in the game. Also, today's game aimed to train the consistency and the net game!

Here comes to the first game: prison
Boys divided into two teams, 3 vs. 3.
Played like the team single, coach feed the balls. If the player lose the point, he would be "invited" to "sit" in the service box. So, the one is the box can only save himself by hitting a volley "in". A very exciting game.

The game focus on the consistency and the widen angle. Chris's team were lost 2 times and had a 10 push-ups punishment. Jordan did a good job, some were clever, hitting a widen angle to prevent the prisoner to get the ball and save himself. Consistency is a must in the game, hitting the ball to the net or out would lead you to jail in the service box. But if there were more players involved the game, it may be more exciting. I can see boys' improvement after the match: more consistenct and smart!

The next game is the 3 vs. 3 game. All players stand in the court.
Here comes to Chris's revenge. 1 volley and 2 baseline. three against three.
Chris's team were smart this time, Chris did some powerful forehand shots. However, Brian had a good idea, all moved to the net! The 21-point match were really excited and the score were close. At almost the end of the match, Chris's team were nervous, hitting some unforced errors. However, at the end, Chris's team took a revenge.

The two games were fun.
I think that practicing the drills only is not enough, games can be a fun for the boys. Furthermore, the game can be a way for the boys to use all things they learnt in the drills. I just remember when I took part in the elementary coach course, Ricky Chan(the head coach) told us the the three steps of coaching in the lesson: basket drill, rally drill and game. So, the basket drill and rally drill is for the student to learn and practice respectively. The game is for the student to apply what they learnt in the lesson.

So, I would provide more games for boys in coming September, I hope boys would feel happy and be fun, instead they can apply all they learnt in the drill.

At the end, I had a single with Chris Wong.
Chris improved after the exciting match, he is very consistent at the first six game. This is the first I saw him so consistent! But when he were leading, he couldn't be smart that win all the points at the end. Maybe, this is his mental. We can't do much in the training, Raymond was right, what Chris can learn more is only participating more tournaments, especially the so-called public competition.

I gave all the tournament forms to HKTA yesterday. Boys would have match in coming September at the Hong Kong tennis Centre(the GAP). Old boys and all, will you support them? I hope I can support them this time.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Thank you for all the Old Boys and WYK Tennis Team who have turned up for the tennis match this afternoon, including the family members of Tony Chow, Jeffrey, Brian and Wilson. There was a big rain shower at around 2 pm in the Kowloon City and Mongkok area. Strangely when I arrived at WYK, the courts were all dried. Coach Ernest and some of his squad were already warming up. Louvre told me that he even practised on Sunday morning before the big match.

At around 3 pm we started our proceedings:- The first round of matches were between Ambrose and Dr Siu vs Chris and Barry (Court 1); Kane and Jack vs Calvin and Nicholas (Court 2); KK and Charles vs Jordan and Louvre; Alvin and Joseph vs Matthew and Horace. After the first round of matches, the score was 3-1 to the Old Boys. In the second round, the score was 2.5-1.5 in favour of the Old Boys and the third round was a similar story, the Old Boys edging 2.5 to 1.5. In round 4, WYK Tennis Team took the round with 2.5 to 1.5 points. For the final round, we played 6 matches and the score was a massive 5-1 to the Old Boys, so the final score the whole match was 14.5 pts to 7.5 pts to the Old Boys. All in all, we got through 22 matches in 3 hours of intensive competitive tennis.The detail breakdown of the score is provided at the end of this e-mail for those die-hard who are interested in the individual matches. Overall, the Old Boys were most impressed with the improvement of the WYK tennis team in this short time.

Since we last played the Fr Finneran Cup and in particular with Ernest and Edmond working hard on the physical and match condition of our players, they have improved enormously. For the WYK Tennis Team, Chris and Barry have become formidable pairing. Tony Chow, Jordan and Horace also impressed as fine young players. Matthew and Frankie are tough match-play pairing. Calvin, Nicholas, Louvre and Tommy all improved greatly and have wonderful attitude towards the game. Calvin, Nicholas and Louvre played their best and stayed till the end. Tommy was even practising his weakness at sunset and took in all the tips we gave him. Tommy served very few double-faults in his matches and showed good touches. The stamina and partnership of Chris and Barry improved tremendously throughout the 6 tough matches that they played. Boris and Brian also improved in the summer, although they did not show up in the matches. Ernest and Edmond did a good job building the team spirit of the young team with the senior players such as Matthew, Chris, Frankie and Barry all sharing the responsibilities. With the exception of Horace and maybe Louvre as well, very few of the WYK Team know the exact score during their matches. So your opponents will cheat you points and games quite easily in competition.

A few observations about the Old Boys. First of all, there is a huge age difference between the most senior William Lee and the youngest Tony Leung (probably 30 odd years). But we were happy to help out the current team. Secondly, most of the Old Boys take the competition very professionally - KK was playing even when injured in a football tackle, Kane took a lesson with Ernest before this match, Ambrose must be secretly playing with his friends on a regular basis to keep his game sharp and diving everywhere to get the ball back. Joseph played perfect tennis despite returning from a long trip. Last but not least, William just had an eye operation yesterday (thus missing the match today) and rang me up from the clinic not worrying about his eye operation but missing the match today. William even turned up to support us and send his young son Wilson on our team and he did us proud - winning one match and losing another one. One word of apology was to Dr Siu missing the group photo when we took it. We will make sure that Dr Siu gets in for the next one at the Finneran Cup. Dr Siu also practised very hard and played very well in the game. Another words of thanks to Roger. He has shown us a sample of the WYK tennis kit, which should be ready for the new season. Also thanks to Roger, Simon, Joseph and Charles for helping out with the photography.

The 2 coaches were also busy making notes during the matches, and we will have a match in our hands when we played the second Finneran Cup in a month's time (exact date to be worked out with Matthew and Chris). We all give a round of applause to Kane for being the most hard working and influential player in the Old Boys' Team. Not only he won all his 5 matches, but played with 4 different partners in doing so. The famous Kane and Joseph combination also won the only 8-0 game in the match, so they have waited for 30 years to take revenge for being dumped out of the CRC Open as No 2 seed. If you have not noticed, we have not had such a big crowd on WYK tennis courts for a long time. Did you notice that all the passer-bys at Wylie Rd stopped and watches our exciting matches when they walked past? We were also treated to a great exhibition match between Edmond and Ernest vs Ambrose and Charles on Court 1. The coaches were too strong for our premier pairing of the Old Boys and won 6-2. Finally, a big word of thank you to the 2 coaches Ernest and Edmond for putting through this young tennis team through the punishing training schedule. We are all proud of their first class attitude to improve their tennis game. WE ARE READY for the inter-school competition to start in October.

The individual match score is as follows (Old Boys' names first)

Ambrose and Dr Siu lost to Chris and Barry 3-5
Jack and Kane beat Calvin and Nicholas 6-2
KK and Charles beat Jordan and Louvre 7-1
Joseph and Alvin beat Horace and Matthew 6-2
Raymond and Ambrose beat Tony C and Frankie 6-2
Tony Leung and Roger lost to Tommy and Calvin 3-5
Charles and Kane beat Chris and Barry 7-1
Joseph and Jack drew with Matthew and Jordan 4-4
Wilson and Alvin beat Horace and Nicholas 6-2
Dr Siu and Tony Leung drew with Louvre and Jordan 4-4
Simon and Kane beat Tony C and Barry 6-2
Wilson and Tommy lost to Calvin and Nicholas 3-5
Tony Leung and Dr Siu drew with Louvre and Frankie 4-4
Ambrose and Charles lost to Ernest and Edmond 2-6
Simon and Alvin lost to Chris and Barry 2-6
Jack and Raymond beat Horace and Louvre 6-2
Tony L and Roger beat Calvin and Nicholas 6-2
Raymond and Alvin beat Horace and Jordan 5-3
Simon and Kane beat Chris and Barry 6-2
Joseph and Kane beat Frankie and Matthew 8-0
Simon and Joseph beat Chris and Barry 6-2
Roger and Tony L lost to Matthew and Frankie 2-6

Additional match Tommy and Jordan drew with Calvin and Nicholas 4-4 Ernest and Edmond leading Chris and Barry 3-1 when bad light stopped play


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday Practice Report (20-Aug-2007)

Arrived the court at about 2:30pm, warming up with Tommy. Then, Boris came.

Today, four boys came only: Tommy, Boris, Brian and Louvre.

We did some rally, cross-court.
The theme of today is still volley, or actually is to concentrate on boys' net game against the old boys on coming Sunday.

We did some forehand shot against the net player, some felt afraid and moved back, but some were brave. The forehand chasing shot is not easy for them at first. They felt hard to hit the ball down the line or to hit a passing shot. Maybe, they needed to have more practice.

I know the passing shot is not easy to hit.
We focused on the lob.
Unexpected, they did excellently! You must have know that, Boris's lob is always the best of our team. Boris's lob made Louvre run around the court. Brian and Louvre also did a good job, their lob were okay, making the net players confused. However, Louvre was not good at overhead. I have to concentrated on his overhead next time. The drill is important, as I'm afraid the old boys like Joseph and Simon would move to the net together.

Playing against two net players is tough.
We had another drill about the net player against the baseline player. Two at the net, other two at the baseline of other side. I feed a lob to the net players, so that the baseline players have to rush and get the ball. At first, they did it badly. When Tommy hit a powerful overhead, Brian and Louvre couldn't get the ball back. At the end, Brian and Louvre got all the ball back to the court. This practice is also decided for coming Sunday, Raymond and all the old boys, I bet that you will feel hard if you are the net player!

A special game of today: volley-volley match.
Boys were standing in the service box, 2 vs. 2.
If the ball bounce, you will lose a point. So, what you have to is hit a volley only to the court.
Brian and Louvre were smart, they hit some powerful volley, making Tommy and Boris felt hard and never get the ball. Moreover, Brian did some drop volley which is hard for Tommy. The drill not only trained their volley, also the footwork. If you want to hit the ball, you have to chase and run very fast to get the ball back.

Service again.

Boris left. We had doubles again, just like last Monday.
The best understanding team Brian and Louvre, I were paired up with Tommy. During the game, I found that all of them were improved, they tried hard to maintain the consistency. They never have the "killer" or "winner" shot in the game. I felt pleased, what they did is only hit the ball in the court! They learnt! However, Louvre had some unforced error today and... What I was shocked is he couldn't hit the easy ball, for example, the easy shot at the mid court or just in front of the net. The easy shot is hard for Louvre...

Another shocking thing is Tommy had totally 5 double faults in his two service game. At his 1st service game, he had 3 double faults in a game. Tommy couldn't controll his serve in the court. He didn't hit the ball with a straight arm, I told him so many times! His so called Topspin serve is not always in the two service boxes.

After the double, Brian and Louvre had a single match and I told Tommy to practice his serve.

In the single, Brian was smart, I can see he tried his placement, moving Louvre. But Louvre did well and hitting all the ball back with consistency. You can't see the powerful forehand/backhand like Barry and Chris, but you will find many consistent shot in the game. That's another style of tennis. They tried some approach shot and volleys, which were all unexpected. Overall, both did a good job in the single. But, Louvre was still feeling hard in the easy shot...

Tommy practice the serve. I taught him to have a flat serve.
He found it difficult, especially tossing the ball. I learnt that the foundation is very important to all tennis player, you know, it is hard to correct the posture after you had practiced the same incorrect stroke for years. I hope Tommy would practice more. I can only say, serve is very important in match. Serve is the start of the game, if you can't have a good serve or a consistent serve, it would be the end of a game!

Work hard boys!
I was glad to play with the hardworking boys like Tommy, Brian and Louvre!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday Practice Report (13-Aug-2007)

Arrived the court at 2:30pm.
Saw three enthusiastic boys: Louvre, Brian and Tommy.

Boris came at about three.
We started the lesson at three o'clock.

Today, we focused on the volley again.
We did some groudstoke, net game and of course the approach shot.

In these few drills, I found boys were improved, especially the long time no see Louvre. I remembered when I saw him at the first time, he was the boys who hits many balls to the forest, and what I remembered he always throws his racket. I was shocked, because Louvre did many killer forehand groudstrokes, which almost killed me at the drill. I can see, Louvre had improved so much today.

What's more, I would like to comment on Boris. I didn't see him for a long time. Actually, I think he is the tallest in the team, but he is also one of the weakest server. He lacks the ready postition when standing in the court, only hitting the ball with his hands... We have to double our effort on Boris, helping him to develop the "sense of tennis". Maybe, he needs more practices.

As we did many volley and approach drills, boys' net game improved. Brian and Louvre were very good double player, they trusted each other so much. In the volley pair drill, they did well and understand each other. I would say they were one of the best understanding team in wahyan, perhaps, Marco and I were not that understanding. I were so pleased to see Brian and Louvre's attitude towards the game.

Service again.
I taught Louvre the service and he improved a little bit. He used to have a very weak serve. I told him to notice his posture, expecially his foot and the shoulder turn. I know, Louvre had tried his best today, maybe what he only needed is practice. Tommy had quite powerful serve today, but Brian and Louvre complained that two-third of his serve were not in... Powerful serve is wonderful, but consistency is also important!

At the end, Boris left early at about 5:15pm.
We lastly had a double.
Louvre and Brian VS. Tommy and Edmond

The match was really exciting and was very close. It was hard to play with Louvre and Brian, because they were so understanding. They tried many new tactics themself, such as the so-called " i formation(not for the service)" ... many many tactics. They did well. I didn't see too many unforced error in all the boys. Louvre improved his volleys. Tommy also tried his best, but he needed to learn how to control the ball.

All in all, a wonderful training today! But, only four boys came.
Barry and Chris, where are you?
I want to see the enthusiastic Chris Wong!!

Thanks God for the good weather!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday Practice Review

I arrived the court at 2:45 and dried the court for a while.
Boys were late.

Today, we had five boys:
Calvin, Brian, Jordan, Chris and a new blood Kenny.

Kenny, a F2 boy and learnt some lesson by Gary To. Raymond, tell you a good news, Kenny is a left-handed! Actually, Chris and I found that he's really good at tennis. Though he's not an advance player, he has the ball sense.

I warmed with Calvin at first. Then, Jordan came. I told the boys to do some cross-court rally. Then, I had an easy forehand and backhand down-the-line/cross-court drill for the two boys. Boys did well, especially Calvin. I found that he improved his forehand. One more unexpected thing, he asked me how to hit more powerful forehand. The problem of his stroke is he's standing to hit the ball. Calvin, you didn't bent your knee. You hit the ball only with your fore arm and shoulder turn. Furthermore, you can try hitting the ball with a larger back-swing. I'm pleased Calvin asked me the question. You know, I always feel that Calvin and Tommy were too shy. (XP...)

We had the in-side-in drill. Boys did badly at first. Boys didn't know what is an in-side-in forehand, they only know what is an in-side-out forehand. In-side-in forehand means you run to the adv court and hit a down-the-line with your forehand. The shot should be deep and topspin.
Calvin, Brian and Kenny did well at the end. Actually, Kenny's performance was unexpected. Calvin and Chris keeped trying hard on the footwork, improvement were showed! But, Jordan, please, please, please, work on your lazy foot!!!! I don't want to see a boy hitting a stroke with only his hand!!

Some volleys.
Boys did well in the drill. Ernest, did you focus on their volley last practise? They seemed to have improved a lot on the net play. I saw the improvement of Brian and Calvin, but the room of the improvement is still big. Some also did well in the overhead.

Chris didn't get his racket today as he broke his string yesterday. He told us that he played bad today as he didn't get his own racket and string. But, I would like to say is, how about if you break the string during the match? If we lost the game, we cannot "blame"the racket. That's only an excuse! I know using the racket you are not familiar is hard, but try to accustomize the feel of using the "strange" racket. You would learn more in the future =]

We had 3-3 match today!
One volley and two baseline. This is the game I always hold at my group lesson at Junction Road. Boys had fun today. But the net player have to be cautioned. The one way to win the point is to hit a lob to pass the net player. If the net player intercept the ball, he would easily win the point. Boys were clever, some found a winning method: hit a powerful shot to the net player. Raymond, didn't they learn from you yesterday? XP

Service, of course.

After the serving, it rained dogs and cats.
We waited for a while at the cabin. At the end, the lesson finish at about 5:30.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jr series 07 comp05

Boys, pls write the review of the tournament by comment this post.