Monday, October 6, 2008

30-Sept-2008 Tuesday Report and some comment of the "big league"

Because of the inclement weather, there was no Tuesday training last week.

Tommy, Oscar, Jason, Nicholas, Barry, Ivan and Aaron.

Today, we had some warm up first.
I rallyed with Louvre. I found that he couldn't control the ball, even in the service box.

Next, we had forehand and backhand drill.
Most of them felt easy and did a great job, which I have never seen they play like these in matches.

Doubles drill.
4 vs. 4

Here are some comments of today's training:
Boys did really well in drills, I think they play good at Ernest training, too.
Louvre seemed to have practice more on some basic and foundation things like the form and the footwork.
Tommy switched back his Head racket, playing better than Safin's racket. He had the great and powerful shots but is not that consistent.
Oscar was our great player.
Nicholas improved a lot but still not consistent.

Big League tonight.

I paired with my partner who was not that good.

Nic with Long Long
Tommy with Oscar
Alvin with Joseph

Boys tried their best, lost 1:8.

After playing with all team, I thought Long Long and Nicholas were the most consistent.
Long Long was great and consistent. Unexpected, Nicholas had less errors, played so good!!
Tommy did badly, I bet.
I played Tommy and Oscar at the third round, Tommy could not return a ball in our service game... Awful volleys... I was so sad that Tommy played like this.
Come on, Tommy!!

All in all, not that bad and boys tried the best.
They had a good chance to play at the artificial glass surface and the bad floodnight courts.