Tuesday, May 29, 2007

26-May-2007 WahYan

The boys were really excited when playing tennis. Sam came to the court and played with the boys. I saw one of the old boys was teaching the volleys with the new intermediate boys, you know, their volleys are awful!

Calvin, Louva, Tommy( I only remember these three boys' name). They worked very hard but are really a new beginer at the NET. I think some boys had improve on their net game. One thing I noticed is that some do not feel fear at net now! It's a good news!

Some common error they made at the NET:
1/no steps and lazy legs
2/too much back swings
3/the grips
4/no ready position
5/no intercept!!

I focus on the backhand with Chris, Sam and Frankie. Frankie's backhand is not strong and not consistant. By the way, Chris is really good at backhand, especially, the cross court. Maybe, both of the boys have to focus more on the net instead of their backhand.

The drill I used:
Few backhand cross court with the coach, a slice backhand to move to the net. Then, some volleys and a smash.The drill is really like the old one. Actually, I don't know how to work hard on the boys backhand. However, I think this drill is good for the players to work on their cross court backhand.Not fresh..

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