Wednesday, September 26, 2007

26-Sep-2007 Make Up Class Review

Just summed up something about boys' tournament on the Saturday night. I arrived wahyan at about 5:30pm. We left wahyan at about six, taking the MTR and then travelled by bus route 6. At the end, we arrived the gap.

After a while, boys had their match as there was many empty courts. They played at court no. 16, so I could only watch them from very far away. Louvre also joinned. However, I could see them. Nicholas and Calvin was not warm-up ready at their first game. They seemed nervous at the first few games. At last, Chris and Barry beated them, 8-4, but Barry claimed that the score should not be that close if he didn't break his string.

It's a great experience for all of them. They all agreed that the Gap is very windy and hard to get used of it. The court is not same as wahyan, the flood light is also new for them as they seldom played at night time. They learnt a lot.

What I think they should be improved is the footwork when they are returning or ready. Also, they should work hard on the volleys, as they didn't have some good volleys in the match.

Here comes to today's make up class.
There were only few boys at about nine-thirty: Raymond, Tommy, Brian, Ivan and Arron. So, we practised some service and waited for others. We also had the 3 vs. 3 game.
At about 10am, Kane, Louvre and Oscar joined us, having the " net game test" Some did well, but most of them didn't know how to hit a drop volley. What's next, round the world. It is more difficult one, as they have to say a name of wayhan's teacher. Boys did well and they had fun.
Then, king of the court, the approach shot and mid-court attack.

Raymond and Kane left. We waited for a while, it stopped. We dried the court and have some volley-volley game. A doubles and a single. I played with Oscar and Tommy for a team single. I found that Oscar is quite consistent but Tommy is too "powerful". Louvre and Brian had a double with Ivan and Arron. The double was a very close match, Louvre, you should control your temper. I read your msn: "tennis is a game for gentlemen", so are you a gentleman? Throwing your racket couldnot solve anything in the court, but people would feel you are not a good tennis player. Calm down!

At last, Brian and Louvre left.
Private coaching with Tommy and Oscar for about 45 minutes, focusing Tommy's forehand and Oscar's single-handed backhand. They were all willing to learn, Tommy also raised some question today, unexpected! Oscar wanted to improved his tennis skills, he's willing to improve his strokes.

To conclude, we had good day. I'm so pleased to see so many boys and two of the old boys came. Boys did well and some are well prepared for the tournament. We'll have a friendly match on coming Sunday, 30-Sept-2007 with Poly-U school team, the match would start at 10am, but I told the boys to warm-up at 9:30am.

*ha, I would join the sunday mass at wahyan at 7:30am, any Catholics of the school team like to join the mass and have a McDonald's breakfast before the match. I found that Oscar is a catholic!

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Raymond Ho said...

Dear Edmond

Thank you for organizing an excellent workshop on Wednesday morning. Kane and I were impressed with the good standard of play shown by our players.

I agree with you that Louvre should control his temper. I supposed I was hotheaded at times when younger, but found that losing temper affected my general standard of play. Fortunately, my partners Charles and Bruce normally kept me calm. It is more satisfying to win matches against loud-mouthed opponents than losing temper with them. It is not worth it.

Yes, Oscar seems to be a keen young player with excellent potential. His choice of shots was quite mature for his age and will become a good competitive player

Aaron was hitting the ball well too after long absence from court. Brian and Tommy both improved a lot in particular with their groundstrokes and service.

Louvre has improved all round, but still adopts his own style. I thought that Ivan played quite well too.

The Poly U match will be a good test for our boys. See you all the coming Sunday