Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New year, the 1st training of 2008 (2-Jan-2008)

Happy New Year!

Today, we had our first training in the 2008.
We started at 10am.

I arrived the court at 9:30am, then Tommy and Louvre came.
I gave them some individual practice.

Tommy on his backhand slide and Louvre on his forehand.
Tommy didn't know how to slide, but after couple of baskets, he could hit a down the line backhand slide. Louvre, tried his best... but I hope he could work harder on his footwork.

Later, Jordan, Oscar and Calvin came.

We had the very usual forehand and backhand warm up.
At about 10:30am, our wahyan Federer---Barry joined us.

Chasing forehand shot..
I found that most of the boys had lazy legs!
So, I decided to have the 3-court-chasing game just as our last training.

On our last training, we had the 2-court chasing game. But now we had the 3-court chasing game. It is a fact that running 3 courts is hard for our boys. They first hit a volley, and then dash very quickly to our third court and rally the ball to Barry. (* Barry gets injury of his leg, so I don't want him to run too much) Most of the boys did better than the last time.

Boys were tired, but I believed this is the most effective way to train their stamina.
I hope, at last, we can have a 4-court chasing game.

Next, we had our funny game: 3 vs. 3.
Louvre, Tommy and Calvin VS. Barry, Jordan, Oscar.
Tommy was great, hitting many powerful shots.
Louvre at the end calm himself down, hitting more consistent shots.
Jordan and Barry made some mistakes on the net game.


King of the court.
I think this is the first time to play the king of the court in wahyan.
Unpreditable, Louvre beated Barry and be the king.
Oscar, Tommy had become the king once.
Good play.

A double match: Louvre and Barry played against Calvin and Tommy.
At about 12:30pm, I joined with them and hit with Barry and Tommy.

A good day.

This time, I would like to write some of my feeling and some comment on some of our boys:

I found that he played the best in today's training. He had the very powerful backhand and backhand, of course, he is also the service killer. He aced twice today. I bet, he had improved a lot in these few lessons, basically on his consistence and the baseline shots. By the way, his net game is not that good, and the room of improvement is large.

He told me that he didn't play well in the trip of Ernest's house. I see, he just like Chris: after taking a very long break, Chris would not play well and have to practice many many time in order to recover. But, his volley is still his killer shots, threatening any of the boys in the team. If he practice more, he would come back. Maybe, let's wish Barry to have flying colours of his CE result, and come back next year!

Unpredictable again. If Louvre calm himself down, he will have better performance. He always wants to beat the opponent in one shot, but as you know, when you get older, you would never score a point by winning a killer shot. Consistence is a must in any games, double or single. Once he is consistent, he would win the game! So, Louvre, just be patient and consistent!

What are you doing today? Some of the boys couldn't concentrate.... Some focus on footwork... You know, the challenge is coming, the inter school would start on March! Please keep yourselves ready and be tuned!!

This is the end of the report.
A good training, as many of them tried best and did a good job.
Ernest, many thanks to you. I think the trip to your house make our the team united, and the most important thing is--- Tommy TALKED more today!!! which is my first time hearing he spoke too much!

Thanks God.

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