Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1-May-2008 Thursday Report

I'm sorry for updating the report too late. =]

We had the practice on the public holiday, starting at 10am.
Luckily, some old boys came and joined the training.

We had Nicholas, Calvin, Tommy, Ivan, Matthew, Jeffrey and Kelvin.
Some warm ups.

Then, we had the first drill: three balls drill.
Many did well in the forehand running shots. As many had seen, Tommy and Nicholas had the great shot, especially the mid court attack.

Next, we had the backhand.
Not bad.

The first game was " the Champion".
Once you win the point, you could be the champion at the other side.
The funny game and it proved that even if you are not good or weak, you can still be the champion.

Many of them did well, including the old boys.
They felt happy in the game, even old new F1 Kelvin, Bryan and Chun Chun.
Raymond and Kane were playing so hard, threatening our boys.
Ivan and Kelvin did best at the net.

Next, we had our favourite game: Recovery.
I think many of you know the game, this is one of my favorite game.
Old boys vs. wahyhan boys.
Once you miss a shot, you have to run to the next court and run back.
At the end, wahnyan school team beated the old boys at the first set.

It was a very interesting game, the only one solution is to be consistent.

Serve and Return, with promotion in three courts.
Once you beat the returner, you can be promoted to the next court and challenge the next returning.
Many were still in trying at the bottom court.
Tommy had too many double fault, staying at the bottom court.
Nicholas tried his best and always stayed at the top court.

Some may think that the game is boring, but one thing you have to learn is to win every single point in the game or match.
I hope all of the boys would learn this after playing the game.

Lastly, the match play.

We had the great day and have fun.
I hope the old boys would like my games and drills.

Some photos attached.

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