Friday, July 4, 2008

3-July-2008 Thursday Report

I'm sorry that long time no update the site.
Last month, exam started and rained nearly every day.

This is their first training after the exam which conducted by me.

Oscar, Tommy, Jason (Jordan's new name), Kenny, Ivan and Nicholas.

Due to the landslide, we have to book some public courts. Unfortunately, many of the courts were full, even the sunny hours like 2-4pm. We only have the Shek Kip Mei.

We have the formal warm-ups.
Some basic drills like forehand and backhands.

Some of them felt hot and tired.
I know that the sunny days may be too hard for them, so we have matches after in the second hour. Some took the break, while others playing a single.

I had a four-game match with Oscar. Draw.
I found that Oscar improved, his groundstrokes were more powerful than before. He has to be focused more on his consistency. Great serve, too.

Tommy was one of the less-improved boys.
I can't believe it, his footwork seems awful: lazy....
Tommy used to have a fast foot and I do like his footworks, but now....

Boys, work hard!
This year, you have to beat the Giants in D1!

Many left at 4pm because of the sunny day.
Though the courts of 4pm were all full, Kenny and Ivan still have energy and take a free court because of no one use...

Kenny tried his best in tennis, I bet.
However, Ivan is not that good. I see his work and his heart, but his improvement is not significant. He should double his effort!

Nicholas tried demonstrating Nadal's forehand today.

The public courts are hard to book right now, the government's "free admission scheme" seems bad to us. Many of the courts were fully booked, but no one use...
I hope next week, we can book the courts.

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