Friday, August 22, 2008

21-Aug-2008 Thursday Report @ wahyan

Our courts are repaired.
We started our training in two courts.

Louvre, Tommy, Ivan and Nicholas.
Not too many kids but we can do some more concentrated work.

I arrived the court at about 8:45am and Nic came in a few minutes.
We had a well hit until others came.
Nicholas told me that he wants to buy a new racket, while Ernest suggests him to get a larger head size like 98 or even 100 inch.

I brought three rackets today:
Prince O3 hybrid tour (which is currently used by Sam Querrey)
Prince Ozone pro tour (which is currently used by Davydenko)
Pro Kennex Ki 5 (which is my new racket as recommended by Ricky)
As you all would know that I like Prince most.

Nic tried the Ozone pro tour and seemed better.
He tried some service as well.
I found that his service seemed better but he replied that Ernest told him he tossed the ball too behind his body. I think Ernest's right, Nic should practice more on the ball tossing in order to develop a better serve.

Louvre, Tommy and Ivan came.
We first have a basket of basic forehand backhand down the line and cross court.
Nic and Tommy's backhand were not that good, the problem is that sometimes they hit the two hands backhand with a closed stance. That's why they can't hit a wide angle cross court. Louvre and Ivan did it okay.

Next, we had the drop shots drill.
Most did it bad as no one could hit a drop shot.

The great drill: double tactics drill.
Nicholas' net game seemed better and while Tommy have to get used of his new stuff.
Ivan and Louvre got the lazy feet, and they have to be more "active" at the net.
All in all , our boys had improved a bit of their net game.
One fact is that they hit better while their opponents hit faster and stronger shots.

I think I have to focus more on their footwork.

Lastly, doubles.
The service of most of the kids were weak and inconsistent.
I do believe that next time we have to focus more on service.

I'm not disagreeing Tommy to switch a new racket, but why do you switch a new racket? I think you have to switch a new one only or once you old racket could not satisfy you. Indeed, you have to "test" or so-called "try" the new racket in a few minutes and then you could know the racket is suitable for you or not. You should not get the new one because you think that racket is pretty cool or the painting is good.

I found that many of our kids use some "pro" racket.
In the market, the manufacturers spend a lot of money on advertisement and sponsoring the top players. Once Federer won the Wimbledon or US open, the K six one 90 would be easily out of stock in the market. The Wilson and Babolat racket were all hit, as many pros are using it.

If you want to get a new racket, please try it before. Otherwise you will just waste your money.

The friendly match of Poly U is postponed to next Friday (29-Aug-2008), the same time.
I hope the weather would be okay on coming Sunday, so we could have the friendly match at Chai Wan.
I think if all of our courts are repaired, we could organize more friendly match on Sunday and Saturday, right?

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