Thursday, July 19, 2007

Practice with Ernest and Joseph at Royal Ascot

Dear all,

Even the coach and volunteers come out to practise in the intense hit this afternoon. Thanks to Joseph and Ernest for arranging a tennis practice this afternoon at Royal Ascot, Shatin. This is where Joseph and Jeffrey lives, opposite to the famous Shatin racecourse.

Ernest and Joseph had a good Singles for half an hour before I joined Joseph against (Ernest) in a two-on-one practice for 90 min. It was good fun and we talked during and after the practice mainly on the improvement of the tennis in the WYK Tennis Team.

This must be encouragement for the Team that there is continuous learning even among the coach and the volunteers, but this may make it a bit harder for the Team to beat some of the Old Boys. As usual, I drive past WYK occasionally due to the proximity of my workplace. I caught the glimpse of someone practising service on Wed afternoon. This is all very good sign that some of you take the initiative to practise what you learn during your lessons with Ernest and Edmond.

I know that Ernest is keen to arrange some friendlies for the WYK Tennis Team, similar to those matches at HKFC. If any of the Old Boys could fix up some friendlies, please contact Ernest. My best friend from primary school told me he was the captain of the Club sitting on the bottom of Division E (the lowest grade). They even take pride to be the bottom of the League.

See you on Saturday afternoon if not sooner

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Edmond, Ignatius Ip said...

Dear all,

After reading all your post here, I'm pleased to leave a commnet here. I hope my lessons would help the boys to improve their tennis skills, and more importantly, their attitude towards tennis.

See you all on Saturday afternoon at about 4:30.

Lastly, the draw of the tournament has updated, which we can found at the HKTA's website!

Edmond Ip