Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jr series 07 comp05

Boys, pls write the review of the tournament by comment this post.


Chris said...

I pair up with Barry.
The first match 8-4.
We both played badly.

the Second match we faced the second seed- Kenneth Ip and Fong kar chun. lose 8-3.
REmarkable is when we were down 6-1, we gave them two love games.
We were very concentrated with strong minds in this exciting game.

I have made great progress in the tournament.

Ernest said...

Chris, thanks for yr report n glad to know about yr progress.
the rest of the team, looking forward to read something from u.


Edmond, Ignatius Ip said...

Good job, Chris.
I called you all so many times!! No one answer my call! I wanna to see your match on Sat night, but I don't know whether you have finished the match or not.

Boys, please answer the phone call next time..

So, I would go and support all you on coming Friday. Practice more this week!

Work hard!

Edmond Ip

Raymond Ho said...

We were feeling the full effect of Chris's progress in our matches yesterday. Simon has not played against Chris for a little while. He was hitting good groundstrokes and crisp volley.

Simon also noticed that Chris' footwork and choice of shots was much better, which served as a great tribute to Ernest and Edmond for working with their footwork

Ambrose was also full of praise for Chris's progress. He just needed to watch the bloody ball. I think Chris was guessing sometimes when he played his shots, perhaps too much tennis with Jordan in the dark.

Simon was only winning 5-3 when he played Chris in singles on Sunday, when bad light stopped play.

Keep up with the training and the matches seem to bring on our players very nicely

Matthew said...

Frankie and I played against Wong Siu Bong Nicholas and Wong Siu Hon Clement. It was a one-sided game and we lost 1-8.

The Wongs brother paired up very well, just like the Brian brothers. They had an unspoken consensus, with powerful groundstrokes and accurate placement of the ball. When it came to my so-called "powerful" first-serve, they returned very well and hit down the line with a fast and flat ball.
We can hardly return them. I was shocked, and still am.

Anyway, we gained valuable experience during the match. We have already minimized our unforced errors in the match, and tried out different strategies against them. It was just like playing in division 1. Dudes, we should try our best in the coming year and promote to division 1 in order to "taste" this kind of high quality tennis.

Ernest said...

Hi Matthew :

Hard luck, did u remember yr opponent is one of the pair u'd played in the interschool competition against South Island School which u lost in a small margin. I'm sure u will be surprise by their improvement over last few months. I trained them in the Pacific club recently n they worked very hard. Other than all the routie over all the strokes, they had an hour of physcial traning which emphasize on traning the speed n strength, I/O to catch up, do u want to training like this?