Saturday, September 29, 2007

Junior Series Review

This is my first time to watch boys' doubles outside wayhan.

As I had to coach all day at the tennis centre, after 5pm, I joined with Barry and Chris. While at about 3pm, I saw Barry and Chris' s singles match from my court.

Something about their single match:
Chris was unlucky, his opponent was really strong and powerful. Chris tried his best, but I think his footwork is lazy... Barry did well and lastly lost 7-9. When I am watching Barry, I feel Barry can have a very closed score with his opponent, or may beat him. Barry claimed that he was a bit sick and didn't play well.

For the singles, I'm so pleased they did well.

At about 7pm, I saw Louvre and Brian.
Louvre and Brian had the doubles, Brian is really good and did well, even their opponents are extremely strong. Louvre, once again, you should control your temper! Winning or losing the match is not very important, what you should do is to enjoy the match with these two high level players. It's a chance to hit with the two great players. Louvre served some double faults... But, all in all, it's okay and I'm quite unexpected Brian tried his best. Boys found that left-hander service is hard to return, especially with the side spins.. Raymond and Joseph, could you play more and serve some more spin serve for the kids?

Here comes to Chris and Barry.
Barry enjoyed the match and did excellent. He had a good forehand and the powerful, consistent serve. I found that Barry wasn't nervous, he can play the match "freely". He played and enjoyed it. Afterwards, Barry felt happy as he can hit with two high level players. For Chris, he's quite nervous and lazy footwork again! He seldom came to the net and have the intercept...

So, great to see the kids' match.
I know all of you improved a lot, however, it's a sad fact that we do have a far gap between the high level players. I'm so glad you all enjoy the match and learnt. Tennis is a long project! We should always learn and try something new. Hope to see the improvement on tomorrow's Poly U match.

Last thing, I found something interesting.
I saw some coaches watching the players today, this is what we didn't see in the past, especially in the junior tournament. I saw some coaches I knew, they used to be HKTA's coaches. Then, I wonder the relationship between the coach and players is very important. In the past, coaches wouldn't go and watch his players in the local tournament. Coach is important after the match, just like what we did today: after the match, I gave the boys some feedback, asking how they feel and how did improved, etc. Feedback is quite crucial for them, as they can learn more.

In future, I hope I can go with the boys and watch their match.
Thanks God, I'm so happy to be a " peer coach" in wahyan. I can easily chat with the boys and give them some advice.

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Joseph Ng said...


You and Ernest formed a great team to be the coaches for the boys and the boys should appreciate the effort you two had put into the tennis team.

You are right about tennis being a long term project and I can tell you that even up to now I get here and there something new from each of your or Ernest's practise session.

While I am extremely glad to find back my reflects doing your volley drill today, myself and Raymond will give the boys more left-handed 'spins' and 'slides' serves in the future.

We look forward to having a good kick start for the coming season.