Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our match began!

Today, we had our first inter-school match.
Raymond, Joseph, Charles, thank you so much for coming and supporting the team.

The team members showed up the court at about 8:15. Ernest led a warm-up.
We had our wonderful match with St. Louis. We beated them! Score 8.5:0.5.

Could any of our players write something here? write some feeling?

Something I want to share...
I helped one of coach at Causeway Bay at night, a junior advanced course (HKTA Tennis-for-all course). I saw two of the St. Louis boys in the course (the tallest one and his doubles' partner). I talked with them, they told me that our team is quite strong. The boy praised our wah yan federer was absolutely tough.

One more important thing, when our team standed next to the court, showing some supports to our team members, they felt pressure. The team spirit and support is crucial, this is more important in our next tough matches like French Intel' or other strong team Ying Wa. Showing support for our team member not only can support our players, but also "fear" our opponent team!

We did a good job today.
Keep it on!

* Kei To withdraw =]
I saw another match at the Gap at afternoon, West Island vs. Ying Wa, they are both tough and I wanna to know who win the match.

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Raymond Ho said...

Dear Edmond

West Island beat Ying Wa 5-2. Thus, causing the first upset of the season.

In Div 1, DBS defeated South Island 5-0. South Island was a really good team last year when we played them, but they were thumped 5-0, wonder whether Darren Ng was playing in that match

Let's keep up the good work and look forward to us winning the next 2 matches against French International and Sing Yin