Monday, March 31, 2008

Friday Report (28-Mar-2008)

There was no training on the Thursday this week, but we had the training on Friday.
Unfortunately, with the rain, we postponed our training at 12n.

Not too many boys.
Louvre, Oscar, Tommy, Jordan, Brian.

Normal training like warming up and some basic strokes.

We had the forehand and volley drills.
Louvre was great, returning many powerful forehand shots which hit by Tommy and Oscar. Louvre seemed improved a lot at the net game: he's no longer afraid of being a net game player.

While Oscar and Tommy became more powerful.

Next, we had the backhand slices drill.
Horribly, only Oscar could hit a good form slice.
I told the boys to hit a backhand slices down the line, in case to pass the net player. If you could do that, the ball would land on the tram line and without the intercepting by the opponent.

Except Oscar, all the boys' backhand slice form are incorrect.
I don't know how Jordan can hit the single hand backhand with his "special" form.
Louvre and Tommy hit the slice with an opened racket face.

One thing I have noticed, I found that most of time, Louvre would make the same mistakes as Tommy made. For example, they hit the forehand without standing still on the ground, open racket face single hand backhand.

One more drill about the "saving the shots".
One player with my side, others hitting overhead.
The one have to save as many shots as he could.
Interesting drill.
Oscar did the best, while Jordan seemed not paying attention to every shot.

Lastly, we hand the double and the king of the court.
I joined with them for the king of the court.

I'm so proud of our boys' improvement.
Tommy could return my powerful baseline strokes, while Brian can rally many shots to me.
Many of them did well in the game.

Let's pray for the good weather next week.
I will have training with them on next Thursday, probably in our tennis court.
As Chris told me that the courts of king's park are full, we may have the training back at wyk.
I hope, next week, we would have more concentrated training for preparing the match.

Ernest and Raymond, probably in summer, we should focus more on the boys' backhand, especially their slice.

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