Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thursday report (29-Feb-2008)

So many kids today:
Nicholas, Calvin, Oscar, Tommy, Jordan, Chris, Bryan, Kenny and Ivan.

The inter school is coming, we will have our first match next Saturday at the Gap.

We practiced a few shots for volleys and basic ground strokes.

The young kids Kenny, Ivan and Bryan were great. Kenny played better, while the new blood Bryan still on his improvement. I'm sorry that we had to focus on our core players, preparing the coming great match.

Boys did well in the first few drills: those basic ground strokes drills.
However, I found that some of the kids were still inconsistent, like Oscar and Tommy. They had the killer shot, but the probability of hitting in of these killer shots was only one-forth. On the other hand, many of them played better at the net.

I gave them some doubles drills.
Nicholas and Calvin played against Tommy and Oscar.
It was a great match, Oscar was consistent while Nicholas did his best at the net.
Nic and Calvin were beaten by the two young kids.

Then, Wong's brother had the double drill with Oscar and Tommy.
The " switch" game.
Once you play a backhand, you have to switch side with your partner.
Once you come to the net, you have to come in with your partner together.

At the first 11-point game, Wong's won.
Here comes to the second game, Oscar and Tommy played better while Wong's brother had some misunderstanding with each other. Tommy and Oscar came to the net few times and hit many killer shots.

The game score was one game all.
Here comes to the last game, we had a different rule.
Four of the players came to the net, I fed a high ball which they had to chase back and get the ball back.
The drill is interesting, I found some of them really feel afraid with a lob.
However, after some shots, most of the them could get the ball, but some still hit it out.
At the end, Oscar's team won.

Some service and return.
Next, I served to them, they practiced their returning.
Tommy did a very good job, returning my every shots and rallied with me.
But, I don't know whether he can perform like this in the real match.

At the end, I paired with Jordan and played against Oscar and Tommy.
Good match.
Tommy's serve threaten us, while Oscar consistently rallied to us.
Jordan made some mistakes.

Maybe, for our last practice next week, I will focus on their returning and serving.
Moreover, more match play.
I hope more kids could come next week, in order to prepare for the Saturday match.

Raymond and Ernest, any ideas that we should focus on at our next Thursday Class?

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Raymond Ho said...

Dear Edmond

Saw the boys played on Saturday against Tennis Friends Foundation. Oscar and Tommy, Calvin and Nicholas, Chris and Barry and Tony Chow and Jordan. Most of them did well in the matches, but they need to practise their second serve and return. The net play has generally improved. In the matches, they need to be taught to punish the short ball and come to the net, even if they grind it out at the back of the court. The net player also needs to be taught how to intercept. Most of them are moving sideways rather than forward when playing the volley.

I think your matchplay format helps the boys a great deal. They need a bit of confidence. When I played alongside Calvin and Tommy in my 2 matches, they were great. Just need some support from senior players in the matches.

Hope that this will be helpful