Friday, February 22, 2008

Some feeling about watching the tournament

Boys had the Lion Club tournament today.

After our Thursday training, I went to the Victoria Park with the boys.

It is a sad fact that Long Long lost his single.
Long Long and Oscar beated their opponent without losing any games.

Nicholas and Calvin lost to the DBS pairs.
They were great, they lost only 1:8.
I'm so pleased that they can have one game playing against these two good players.
Nicholas enjoyed the match.
The DBS players were HKTA's NTS player. ( NTS is the best training group of HKTA)

When I was watching their match, I chated with the HKTA national coach Christiaan (who is my friend, and I helped him last year in the gap). The HKTA national coaches are visiting everywhere to see their players' tournament, which is what Ernest and I doing!
We chated and he asked one question," Why are they on the baseline?"

Nic and Calvin were at the baseline all the time.
I knew Nicholas tried some volleys and gained some points.
What I was upset is that, we had work on their volleys today's and in previous many lesson. But they never volley at the real match. Maybe, Calvin was a bit nervous and afraid. Nic did his best, I bet.

Waitng till nearly 8pm, our doubles played.
Louvre and Brian played against Tommy and Jordan.

I watched...
Another HKTA national coach Nathan came, we chated.
He asked the same question again, " why are they on the baseline! Edmond, did you coach them?"
I just replied I had told them many many time to come to the net.
He replied, " you should train harder next lesson!"

Four of them were right standing at the baseline.
No net game.
No intercept.
I just saw Brian came to the net and approached, winning some points.
Others were just standing at the baseline and waiting for the ball.
Unforced errors...

I knew Jordan blamed Tommy when Tommy made mistakes. ( Actually, Tommy was still a bit sick in the court)
On the other side of court, I saw Brian giving some tips to his partner in a very good manner. Even Louvre made a mistake, Brian was still smile and cared him. I appreciated Brian's good job.

I was so upset and a bit angry...
Ernest and I coached them the volleys many many times, from last summer to now at least.
But, they are still standing at the baseline..
Maybe, some of them are a bit nervous as this is a very formal tournament outside wahyan.

We had practiced volley today, especially the interception.
There is no excuse that you don't know how to volley.
Some just making excuse that playing in the net may lead to a lost of the match becasue his net game is not that consistent.

We taught, we practiced, practiced and practiced.
However, in the real match, they never use what they learnt.
It is funny that our players are good in our court or the training.
They did learnt a lot in the training and improved a lot.

At the end in the tournament, some of them just still playing in their own style's tennis, not what they had learnt and practice in wahyan.
Because our kids are mentally sick when playing tournament? If so, experience is a must to improve.

I'm sorry I can't really express all my feeling in English here.
I'm sorry I may be a bit angry today.
I'm sorry I may be a bit impatient today.

But, I just hope to see the boys: use what you have learnt in wahyan!
Use all you learnt in the match.
It is absolutely a sad fact if you cannot use what you've learnt in Ernest and my class.
Why do we have trainig three times a week?
It is because, we want all of you to join and we want you to practice and practice many times.
Practice makes almost perfect. Then, at the end, you can use what you practiced and learnt in the inter school: showing off what you have learnt in the lesson.

Maybe, let's think for the solution to help the boys in order to remember everything they learn in Ernest and my class.
We had practice so many times. If you still playing your own style in the match, then you are just back to your starting point, which is the place where you have not yet join our training.

Ernest and all the old boys,
Next time, once you see both the doubles players are at the baseline together, no matter they are serving or returning, just stop them.
AND tell them to run around four courts for ten laps!
I don't want to see the so called "2-baseline" tactic again! I'm sick of this! This is not double!

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louvre said...

Last year, while me and Brian playing the Lion Club tournament, our enemy were HKSI's Students,and they are Ming's student.I know them too.At that game, i have volley at the first set, and i lost all the marks of the volleys, and at that set we have been lost. But then , in the second set, I stayer at baseline, and only approch shots with Volley, at that two set, we won 6:0.After that tournament, i was have no confidence for playing net games, although i played in WahYan. But when i had a important match, just like this tournament, i am very afraid of losing the points, so i talked with Brian before the match that,i won't stay at the net so often as i haven't any confidence and afraid last years event happened again,this is my mentally sick, and i am trying to recover it. i will have a better performance on Saturday's Semi-Final Match.Come and watch it when you have time.