Thursday, September 4, 2008

2-Sept-2008 Tuesday Report

New start.

Barry, Oscar, Ivan, Tommy, Jason, Nicholas and Aaron.

Warm up with service box.
Some ball control exercise.

The ladder.
Aaron did a great job in ball control.
Jason tried his best, but it seems to me that he could do much better.

Approach shot drill.
Boys did really bad in the approach shots, especially the young kids like Aaron and Ivan.
Barry got the powerful approach shot, while Tommy was inconsistent...

Fun game: 3 vs. 4.
All of them did it well.



We only can have one more smash and returning drill.
Tommy was bad at overhead...
Ivan was great, returning every shots back to the court.

one more fun game and then we ended the lesson because of the wet court.

Good day and all of them play so good.
I'm looking forward to seeing the improvement next Tuesday.

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