Thursday, January 22, 2009

22-Jan-2009 (Thursday Report)

Oscar, Tommy, Louvre, Jason, Ivan, Michael.

Many kids today.
We first warmed up.
Then, a little drill about the groundstrokes.

Next, we play the "ups and downs".
We set different rule like "volley worths three points" and " serve-and-volley".
Many of them did a great job.
Long time no see Louvre, he got a great forehand.
Michael, our great F1 boy, although he's strokes are not mature, he tried his best and I like his backhand.
Ivan sometimes hit a forehand with a "open" racket face which is too "flat".

Running Forehand.
We tried the running forehand today, many of them don't know how to hit a great shot and did badly.
What you have to do is to run and then step your right foot, set your feet and hit that shot with an open stance.
I bet, only few of them did a great job afterwards like Tommy, Oscar and Michael.

Chasing the ball in two courts.
This is one of my favourite drills.
Boys did a great job, but some of them still not get use of hitting a bounce smash.
They have to practice more on the "bounce-smash".

Service and Returning.
I found that Michael was great when returning.
Tommy's serve improved a lot as he tossed the ball correctly.
Ivan has to toss the ball higher in case he could reach up and hit the ball at the higest position.

Last, Doubles and Singles.
Tommy played against Ivan.
I paired with Lovure and play the two young kids (Oscar and Michael)

Louvre was not really concentrate on the game, he was not really even the opponent served.
Ivan should improve on his returning.
Michael have to work on his net game, he is a bit nervous and afraid on standing at the front. He still has a little bit back swing and wrong contact point.

Good practice today.

We have training on next Thursday morning: 29-Jan, 10am
Old boys are also welcomed.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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