Friday, January 30, 2009

29-Jan-2009 Thursday Report

Kung Hay Fat Choy.

Ivan, Aaron, Louvre and Tommy.
Oscar and Nicholas went to Thailand.

The four enthusiastic boys were great today.

Today, we focused on the Approach shot, short ball and the net play.
Boys did well in the first few drills, like the shot ball, approach shot.
I thought those drills are interesting and boys did a great job.

Tommy's approach shot was great and of course he got the great volleys in four of them.
Louvre tried his best, he made the short ball well, but the room of improvement on his volleys and especially the overhead is still large.
Aaron did it well and I found that he's one of the consistent player.
Ivan was okay, but he's still playing on his own style. What he plays is something he wants to do, you can see his form, I feel he is a bit stuborn. I bet, instead of me, Ernest must have tell him to do better on his form and the strokes.

Running forehand.
boys did not know that....
What you have to do: run, run, run, set your feet with an open stance, hit the ball.
Only Tommy did the great job.
Aaron improved a lot, but he needs more practice.
Louvre tried his best, which is okay.
Ivan was still playing on his own style, pushing the ball instead of hitting it...

It was unexpected all of them did well in practicing serve.

Louvre and Tommy played against Ivan and Aaron.

At the first four game, neither of them hold their service game. They did well on practicing serve, but when it comes to real game, they sucks...


However, Aaron was the first who hold the game.
All of them had doubles fault, but Louvre got the least number.
I bet, they are not good at their mental way instead of their form.

It was a close match.
6-4 at the end to Ivan and Aaron.

Next, singles.
Tommy vs. Louvre.
Aaron vs. Ivan.

Good game to all.

All in all, good practice today. They did well.
We will have more match play next week, as they will play against KG5 next Sat.

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