Sunday, January 11, 2009

6-Jan-2009 Tuesday Report

Happy new years, everyone.

We started our first training today.
Ivan, Tommy and a F1 boy called Micheal.

It was so great that we had new blood.
Welcome, Micheal, who has the great single-hand backhand.

Tommy and Ivan took part in every single training except they were sick or absent in school. I appreacited the two young kids.

1. Spanish drill.
Deep forehand, short backhand, deep backhand and short forehand.
The two deep shots aim to hit a defensive one that's high and deep.
The same drill was did yesterday in talenT Group.
Compared with our kids, our footworks are bad and their shots are poor quality.
I'm not blaming for Ivan nor Tommy. They have to be focused on the footworks and some more about the tactics and techniqes.

Tommy always ran to the net after the short forehand shot, he hit that one like an approach shot. Micheal did well, his forehand and backhand are great. Ivan moved the fastest, indeed.

2. twenty balls drills
Boys have to ran for twenty balls.
Tommy was weak in fitness and didn't try hard.
Micheal and Ivan were good as they hit good shots.

3. 1 vs. 2 game.
One played against two in full courts.
If the one by his own beat the two, the two boys have to run laps.
Only Ivan won the challenged by his own!

4. Volleys.
Unfortunately, Micheal's net game including volleys and smash have to work more! His form was not good, including the contact point, swing, backswing...

5. Doubles drills
All did well

6. Service

7. Doubles
Barry with Ivan played against Micheal and Tommy.

Great training today.
We will have training on next thursday.

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