Monday, January 5, 2009

Summary of Dec and 2008

We had regular training on 22th and 29th after the x'mas exam.
However, only Tommy, Jason and Ivan came.

A more concentrated training on both groundstrokes and the service.
They do have a great forehand, but it seems that one major error is the backhand. Many of them don't know how to slice, while their two-hands "power shot" are not that consistent.

Surprisingly, Tommy and Ivan got an awful service: inconsistent and powerless.
Ivan has to work hard on more power and one major tip is to hit the ball with straight arm and of course at the higest position.
Tommy, of course had tried really hard in ever aspects, but the room of improvement is still large. I recalled that when Sam and I first saw Tommy, his serve was incredible and threatening! How comes that he's now a "8-fault-in-one-game" player!

I hope to arrange more match play with the kids.
One more thing, I found that the number of participating in training drops a bit. I'm not sure wheather some of them have to study or other reasons, but I hope they can commit more on the team if you have promised to play and represent as a school team member.

Sorry for being late to upload the photos and video of the match on 3rd DEC, WYK VS. GSIS.


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